About Us

Working with a solar integrator (installer) for the past six years, I came to the realization that service and maintenance was an after thought, an annoyance even, for many installers. Too many solar companies treat service and maintenance as if it were the “red headed step child” of the industry.

My experience told me that most integrators wanted to concentrate on installing, “collect the check”, and move on! As short sighted as this sounds, it was, and is, the reality! That is why Blue Sky Solar Services, LLC was created.

At Blue Sky Solar Services, we concentrate on doing service and maintenance, period.

We don’t do installs. We don’t “up sell”. We focus on service and maintenance. We work with residential and commercial clients to provide responsive, qualified, and reliable service.

We have partnered with many highly experienced and talented colleagues that have gone on to start their own businesses in the solar industry. Customers don’t want an inexperienced electrician, or plumber, “trying to figure it out” on their dime.

Give us a call, or send us an email, today. Experience the difference that a dedicated service company can provide. We look forward to speaking with you, and assisting you, with whatever concern you may have.

phone – 443.804.5681

email – blueskysolarservices@gmail.com


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